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Report Downloads
The following information is available to download in PDF format.

Community Assessment
The purpose of the Community Assessment is to meet Head Start Performance Standard 1305.3- Determining Community Strengths and Needs. The information from this assessment is used to set long and short-term program objectives, determine services most needed, and provide governing bodies with relevant information about the service area. Download our most recent Community Assessment here.

Programming and Service Plan
If you've ever wanted to know the myriad of things a Head Start program does, our Programming and Services Plan provides all the detail (it's a lot!). Includes our most recent Program Plan; Disabilities Plan; Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance Plan; Transportation Plan; and Child Outcomes Plan. Download it here.

Parent Handbook
Our Parent Handbook provides information for parents and guardians regarding program services. Download our most recent Parent Handbook here.

Ongoing Monitoring
Head Start is a complex program with many integrated parts. Our Ongoing Monitoring Plan shows what data is monitored. Download our most recent ongoing monitoring plan here.

Annual Report to the Public
Pursuant to the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007, Head Start grantees must make available to the public an annual report that discloses certain information. The following is the most recent program year report for Rutland County Head Start. Download our most recent Annual Report to the Public

2016 RCHS Education Highligths
Children are assessed at three checkpoints during the program year. Through data analysis and outcomes evaluation by the Education Manager, Disabilities Manager and teachers, program improvement plans are developed accordingly to achieve school readiness goals. Individualization takes place through the review of checkpoint assessments, and subsequently teachers plan activities that support individual child goals. In partnership with families, teachers align TSG objectives to enhance children’s development and learning. Download our most recent Education Highligths

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Rutland County Head Start is accredited by the National Association for the Education
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